Advice Forge Ltd with Green Services by Greendata

Snímek obrazovky 2014-06-06 v 15.01.55London, 11 Jun 2014 – Green server hosting provider Greendata s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and Advice Forge Ltd, UK provider of cloud, storage and server cluster services with high SLA, today announced a partnership designed to aid in the costeffective launch of Green IT services for UK and Europe market. After successful testing, Advice Forge has started building its own premium data services exclusively via Greendata services for UK customers.

Green services from the real Green DC For over four years, the company has been testing and building a real Green Data Center for customers, who want truly green data services. In fact, our primary data center uses 62% less energy than the typical data center, but this is still only part of our green puzzle. Our services operate completely under the heading of the ten green commandments and furthermore, 10% of our post-tax profits go towards supporting CSR projects focused on the environment. “In short ‘green’ in is part of our business name for a reason” concluded Zdenek Marsal from Greendata…more