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Advice Forge Ltd with Green Services by Greendata

Snímek obrazovky 2014-06-06 v 15.01.55London, 11 Jun 2014 – Green server hosting provider Greendata s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and Advice Forge Ltd, UK provider of cloud, storage and server cluster services with high SLA, today announced a partnership designed to aid in the costeffective launch of Green IT services for UK and Europe market. After successful testing, Advice Forge has started building its own premium data services exclusively via Greendata services for UK customers.

Green services from the real Green DC For over four years, the company has been testing and building a real Green Data Center for customers, who want truly green data services. In fact, our primary data center uses 62% less energy than the typical data center, but this is still only part of our green puzzle. Our services operate completely under the heading of the ten green commandments and furthermore, 10% of our post-tax profits go towards supporting CSR projects focused on the environment. “In short ‘green’ in is part of our business name for a reason” concluded Zdenek Marsal from Greendata…more

The UK extends a special welcome to Czech entrepreneurs and early-stage tech companies

Press Release –  our green serverhosting partner Greendata s.r.o. 

UKTIThe UK has proven to be an attractive destination for Czech companies and especially for those focusing on IT and technologies. There are a number of Czech companies that have already set up business in the country and have benefitted from doing so. Companies such as Greendata, Kentico and Brand Embassy are present on the UK market and appreciate the fact that they have had a chance to meet many new business partners and have been able to enjoy all the advantages the country offers to foreign investors.

“We benefit from entering the UK market for many reasons. The market itself possesses a huge know-how that we want to learn and transmit to our Czech customers. The British market is around 5 years in advance of the Czech market in our field, so there are many new trends and practices we can bring back to the Czech Republic,” said Zdenek Marsal, executive director of Greendata.

According to the OECD, the UK has the fewest barriers to entrepreneurship in the world. Eight years ago, it introduced an innovative graduate entrepreneurs’ program to encourage high-potential start-ups. Innovative companies in the UK can also benefit from various forms of tax relief, including the ‘Patent Box’ (which provides reduced rates of corporation tax on profits from the development and exploitation of patents), R&D tax credits and tax relief for innovative sectors such as animation, high-end television production and video games development.

Zuzana Nagyova, UKTI director for the Czech Republic said: “The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most dynamic economies powered by a thriving network of ambitious entrepreneurs. Britain’s unique investment environment has a lot to offer them. Britain’s doors are very firmly open. Our investment specialists are on hand to provide tailored guidance to Czech businesses to help kick start their investment projects whatever the size.”

Green case study of UKTI
Our Green server hosting services partner - Greendata is part of the green case study of the UKTI.

Greenpower is a great opportunity to meet customers

Greenpower trade fair: field of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy, biomass, biofuels and energy efficient technologies.The May trade fair of green energy in Poznań – the Greenpower – is a great opportunity to meet customers and familiarize with new trends and technologies in the market. Last year’s edition was full of events dedicated to the specialists – there were 20 conferences, workshops and training sessions.

During this year’s edition, the organizers are planning to extend the Greenpower and Expopower trade fairs (held at the same time) by the already open pavilion 8A. The exhibition space of the hall, which thanks to the investments has been adapted for modern multi-storey stands (permissible height of structures of up to 10 m), in the so called “Four-pack” was increased to 12,000 m2 gross.

And what is it to be seen in the pavilions during the Greenpower trade fair? Among others, the offer in the field of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy, biomass, biofuels and energy efficient technologies.


Advice Forge’s new billing system


Our company set up new billing system
Unless your startup is supported entirely by advertising, you need (or will eventually need) a billing system: a way to securely and efficiently accept payment from your customers. The only question is: build it or buy it? We decided to buy it and re-brendit. The main reason is – no bugs in it. Realistically speaking, any billing system you build from scratch is going to have bugs. It would be astounding if it didn’t.

Do you want try and test our new billing system? No problem, just order AF service with money back guarantee.


Advice Forge Talk To In2town About Our Premium Server Hosting Services


Advice Forge provides smart and affordable data services with high SLA for UK customers. Considering prices offered, Advice Forge Ltd. can save you to 25% of the final price compared to our competitors.

Quick chat with us about our services you can read here. 

Together with our service provider partner, Advice Forge is currently administrating more than 300 European business clients including banks, marketing and web studios, and small and medium web hosting providers, internal and external portals. Advice Forge offer premium geographic high availability failover services with SLA of 99.96 % and cheap data storages with no aggregate or limitation of the connection.

Who is Advice Forge and what is our business mission and who are our customers? 

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