Green commandments

How Green are our services? We really stand by our green services and they are absolutely not empty promises. The services of both Greendata and Advice Forge are provided with strict coherence to the ten green commandments and with maximal respect to nature, comfortably meeting the standards of a modern carbon neutral company and a Green Data Business.

What does it mean?

carbon_neutral_AF1. We are green

We are friendly to nature (a carbon neutral project), utilizing green electricity provided solely from renewable sources.

2. We have green servers


- The company uses only select Energy Smart Servers with Intel Xeon Processors and the lowest consumption of electric energy available on the market.

freecooling3. We save electric energy in cooling

The majority (99 %) of electric energy turns into heat. This heat must be cooled down again by yet more electric energy. Our low-energetic servers do not need to be excessively cooled and that is how we save energy which would otherwise be used through air-conditioning systems. We also use FreeCooling systems, special anti-solar roof painting and roof ventilation systems.

4. We save more electric energy where possible


For lighting we use LED lamps by Ledfield and Led-application company exclusively. Furthermore, we work towards connecting our server bases to bigger energetic building units and use this warmth for heating or for direct consumption of OZE.

5. We recycle

recycling_AFOur company ethos involves caring for our environment. That is why recycling is paramount not only in offices, but also in the homes of all company employees.

6. We support green projectsCSR_AF

We use our profits to create a green fund of responsibility (10% of the profit after taxation) and every year we choose one green project which we invest in transparently. We also cooperate with various green foundations such as Foundation Via.

7. We save forestssave_forest-AF

The company communicates with our customers and offices solely by electronic means. Therefore we try to use the bare minimum of paper and restrict old-fashioned, environmentally costly ways of communication.

8. We save materialsave_material_icon

By choosing suitable commodity hardware we save materials (e.g. iron, aluminium) in comparison to heavy rackmount servers.


9. We help to save the atmosphere

For cooling and fire-fighting systems we use Freon-free products.

10. We save the Earth NO_heavy_metals_acids_AF

Our reserve sources do not contain heavy metals or acids.