Green data center

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We are excited to announce that we are a geo-replicating service provider. Our server cluster services work between two locations. Geo-replication is provided for additional data durability in case of a major data center disaster. Our two Geo-graphic green data centres enable you to order dedicated/managed cluster services with high SLA. Data centre 1 + Data centre 2’s topology contains a central cluster in central Europe that forms one separate connection with clusters in the second data centre for UK customers.

Standard DC features

Green IT starts with manufacturers producing environmentally friendly products and encouraging IT departments to consider more friendly options like virtualization, power management and proper recycling habits. Some criteria include using low-emission building materials, recycling, using alternative energy technologies, and other green technologies. In fact, our primary data center uses 62% less energy than a typical data center.

This is how we do it…

Our primary data center is designed to use as little energy as possible.
We install smart temperature controls, use “free-cooling” techniques such as outside air for cooling, and redesign how power is distributed to reduce unnecessary energy loss.

Green DC features

100 % clean Nano Energy is our goalroof cooling dc Green energy by Nano Energy is energy obtained from renewable resources. The goal is to supply this energy to customers who care about the environment and who do not want to pay extra for their responsible approach. Our main goal is to

green_lightning_DCbecome a 100% green energy supplier by using this Nano Energy approach. Nano purchase electricity directly from small generators and sell it to their customers who are interested in environmentally friendly energy. They do not purchase electricity from other sources. The percentage of green electricity in our mix is 100% (74 % Biogas stations, 14 % Rooftop photovoltaic power station, and 12 % photovoltaic power station).

LED lighting with a step sensors
For common usage we are utilizing LED lighting in our DC.  Only 5 watt for 1×2 m3 DC – green lighting with stronger lighting backup.