Our story

What is our story?
Advice Forge Ltd provides smart and green hosting services with high SLA.
Its services are ideal for customers desiring professional internet services on the UK market, as well as customers from the UK who wish to provide their own internet projects for Europe and/or Near East states. All hosting services run on physically dedicated servers, hosted on two independent (Geo) data centers with business partners Greendata.  More about our green story 

Our Mission:
To be a European premium server hosting provider built upon uncompromising smart services with high SLA.

Our Philosophy:
We are an organization focussed on service for business professionals. Our really green services are designed for advanced users who know how to command Linux/Windows servers through the admin root. Our administrators can help you with SNMP monitoring, backing up and DDos protection but your basic and advanced skills are crucial.

How Green are our services?
We really stand by our green services and they are absolutely not empty promises. The services of both Greendata and Advice Forge are provided with strict coherence to the ten green commandments and with maximal respect to nature, comfortably meeting the standards of a modern carbon neutral company and a Green Data Business. More about our green services

If you would like to read more about our story, you should visit our blog.

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Peter and Sidonius
Advice Forge Ltd