Server Cluster

Geo server cluster services = (dedicated/managed server with SLA 99,96 %) 


What Is a Server Cluster? - A server cluster is a group of independent servers running Linux, and working together as a single system to provide high availability of services for clients. When a failure occurs on one computer in a cluster, resources are redirected and the workload is redistributed to another computer in the cluster.

Server Cluster Services
Geo and failover are becoming very popular as a tool to implement business continuance. Geo-clusters improve the time that it takes for an application to be brought online after the servers in the primary site become unavailable.

Advice Forge introduces its premium service of  Geographic failover Clusters for the UK internet market under the names “Server cluster 4XL” and “4XXL with the final price £249(exl. VAT) and £279 (exl. VAT)/ monthly plan. 

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In business continuance terminology, geo-clusters combine with disk-based replication to offer better recovery time objectives (RTO) than tape restore or manual migration. That is why we are running on two independent (Geo) data centers Advice Forge.

Fail-Over Clustering
Advice Forge offer geographic high availability failover services for your mission-critical websites and applications. In Advice Forge we know that if your website or applications receive high traffic volumes, downtime can be disastrous.

How the Advice Forge server cluster works?
In our failover cluster, there are two Dell Power Edge servers (on scheme node 1 and node 2).  One (primary) provides service in normal situations. A second (failover) server is present in order to run the service when the primary system fails.

The primary system is monitored, with active checks every few seconds to ensure that it is operating correctly. In the event of the active system failing, or failure of components associated with the active system such as network hardware, the monitoring system will detect the failure and the failover system will take over the running of the service. Data replication is distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers – between a physical rack in a Data Center 1 (node 1) and on a physical rack in Data Center 2 (node 2). In essence this means you have the two same physical servers in different part of the city.

Our high-availability solutions are perfect for any organisation wanting to ensure business continuity and maximum uptime with no single points of failure.


Windows, MAC or Linux?

With services for Windows, MAC or Linux – DRBD – we have a solution to suit every requirement and every budget. To deliver the

reliability you need, our high availability solutions, together with our ‘100% network uptime guarantee’, ensure that your mission-critical services are always up and running.

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